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APAS Growing Forward Two Submission July 2011

July 27 2011 Growing Forward Two Submission

Growing Forward 2 Process Description

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In July 2008, Federal/Provincial/Territorial (FPT) Ministers announced the completion of the Growing Forward framework, with a vision for a profitable and innovative agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products industry that seizes opportunities in responding to market demands and contributes to the health and well-being of Canadians.

The 5-year Growing Forward policy agreement expires on March 31, 2013 and a successor framework must be ready for implementation on April 1, 2013.

In spring 2010, federal, provincial and territorial governments undertook a dialogue with representatives of the Canadian agriculture, agri-food and agri-based processing sector (the sector) to:

Issues and Opportunities for the Agricultural Sector

While a wide variety of issues were raised in the engagement sessions across the country, a few key themes emerged from the discussions:

Growing Forward 2 will build on successes and lessons learned from the previous framework, Growing Forward (2008-13) with a vision for a profitable, innovative, competitive, market-oriented agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products industry.

Growing Forward 2 represents an evolution of Growing Forward towards creating an adaptive and profitable sector. The Growing Forward 2 framework is being designed to help the industry position itself to profit from the opportunities and meet the challenges it will face in 2020. The framework will include both food and non-food issues.

Policy Objectives and Drivers

Preliminary discussions between Federal/Provincial/Territorial (FPT) governments and with stakeholders on policy objectives and drivers and the general direction of Growing Forward 2 have been essential to identifying two broad objectives:

  1. Developing domestic and international markets and trade - to establish a sector that is competitive, responsive to the market and derives most of its returns from the marketplace by meeting consumer demands for food safety and other attributes, improving productivity, taking care of plant and animal health and adopting sustainable practices.
  2. Achieving adaptability and sustainability - to establish a sector that is capable of anticipating and responding to a changing environment, and maintains its productive capacity including: people, knowledge and natural resources to create well-being for the sector over the long-term.

And, two key drivers to meet these broad objectives:

  1. Innovation - to create a comprehensive innovation agenda that will foster market development and growth by enabling productivity growth, commercialization of new products, successful application of new business models, improve environmental sustainability and reduction of risk.
  2. Infrastructure - to ensure the availability of the physical, institutional and regulatory structure necessary to enable market development and growth, and to achieve adaptability and sustainability.

To support the development of Growing Forward 2, Federal/Provincial/Territorial (FPT) governments have committed to a multi-phased engagement strategy with a broad range of stakeholders across the agriculture value chain.

Drawing industry and governments together to reach a consensus on the policy directions needed to achieve an industry that meets consumer demands while being competitive as well as adaptive and sustainable.

The Growing Forward 2 engagement strategy is comprised of three phases:

Phase 1 Engagement (May - June 2010)

Phase 2 Industry and Public Engagement (March 2011)

Phase 3 Engagement (January - March 2012)

In the coming months, more information will be made available to explain how and when industry representatives may participate in this collaborative effort to develop the next agriculture and agri-food policy framework.

There are several ways to participate in the Growing Forward 2 engagement process:

Online Engagement:

The discussion paper (PDF Version, 1.0 KB | Help with Alternative Formats) is now available. Please provide feedback and comments through the online feedback form.


Please find the link to the Growing Forward 2 Report

APAS Growing Forward Two Submission July 2011

July 27 2011 Growing Forward Two Submission