Governance Committee

Creating a responsive and responsible organization

The 2013 -2015 Governance Committee is made up of the following APAS Board members and Representatives:


If you have specific issues or concerns you would like to address with the committee members, please use the CONTACT US link above and include "Governance Committee" in the subject line.


Governance Commitee

March 6 Meeting Minutes

Present:  Terry Hildebrandt, Arlynn Kurtz, Norm Hall, and Nial Kuyek


Election of Committee Chair

Norm Hall was elected Chair of the Governance Committee for 2009


2008 AGM Resolution Referred to the Governance Committee

The Committee discussed the following resolution passed at the 2008 AGM:


Whereas APAS membership is failing, a change must be made so that producers who wish to have memberships may do so and those who do not wish to have memberships may also do so;

Be it resolved that all Rural Municipalities levy a check-off on all acres to be shown on tax notices; and

Be it further resolved that all ratepayers then have the choice of whether or not to belong to APAS with the provision that refunds to ratepayers must be applied for on an annual basis; and

Be it resolved that the Board explore the feasibility and steps necessary to complement this change and report as soon as possible.


In discussing the resolution, the Committee reviewed the background to the APAS membership structure and options that have been considered.  The Committee recommends:

·        That APAS allow individuals from Rural Municipalities that are APAS members to individually opt out of APAS membership.

·        That management develop an application for withdrawal of membership that will require copies of tax receipts, signature of the RM Administrator, and reason(s) for withdrawal.  Applications will be available from the APAS office.

·        The refund will be to the RM and will be deducted from their next year’s membership dues.  This will minimize administration.

·        Refunds will not require Board approval.  The Board will receive information on refunds on a regular basis.


The Committee also discussed the potential of allowing individuals from RMs that are not APAS members to individually join APAS.  The Committee does not recommend this option as this would reduce the onus on RMs to become members.


The Committee noted that improvement of relations with SARM would be a positive influence to growth of APAS membership.


Bylaw Changes for 2009

The Committee reviewed changes to the Bylaws that should be made for consistency, housekeeping, and policy purposes.  The Chair of the Committee and the General Manager will develop specific wording for amendments to the Bylaws for further review by the Committee and Board.


APAS Timeline for AGM

The Chair will present options for timelines for the AGM and other key APAS activities.